Manage Plans and Teams
  • 01 Dec 2023
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Manage Plans and Teams

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You can view and manage all the plans and teams in your workspace, all at one place! Click Plans and Teams from the left navigation pane, and voila, here it is!

Under the All Plans tab:

All Plans(1)

  • View all the plans and their details. Note that the plans are listed in a random order!
  • Recently viewed plans with the team owner details. However, if the plan is not assigned to a team, and 
    • you're someone with edit permissions on that plan, then you'll see + Assign to team option. Click on it to assign the plan to a team! Once assigned, the team owner name will be displayed in that card!
    • you're someone with just view permission on that plan, then you'll not see anything on the card to assign that plan to a team! The card will just display the plan's name!
  • Create a new plan.
  • Search or Filter the plans view to display accordingly.
  • Click a plan to edit it from the Planner page.
  • Know if you've access to a private plan - if Private is displayed across a plan in the Access column, it means that the plan is set to private but you have access to it.
    • Also, if the parent plan is set to private and you do not have access to it, then in the Parent plan column, you'll see Private Plan instead of the plan's name.
  • From the three dots against a plan:
    • Mark a plan as favorite.
    • View its alignment in the Alignment > Align > Plans tab from the View alignment,
    • Change or assign plan's name, parent plan, team, custom fields, type to a plan from the Plan settings, and
    • Delete a plan and its components from Delete!

Under the All Teams tab:

All Teams page

  • View all the teams and their details.
  • Recently viewed teams with the team owner name.
  • Create new team. (See Working with your Teams)
  • Search or Filter the teams view to display accordingly.
  • Click a team to edit it from the Teams Home page.

Under the All Focus Areas tab:

  • View all the focus areas in the workspace.
  • At-a-glance view of the focus area, its health, number of plans its associated with, and the count of objectives under it.
  • Search for a focus area or filter them by plans.
  • Click a focus area to see its details (See Add Focus Areas to your Plan)

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