Get Insight on your Progress
  • 25 May 2023
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Get Insight on your Progress

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The plan is set, the objectives are defined, and to succeed with the execution of your strategy, you will need effective and powerful ways to monitor and understand progress.

We, at Cascade, help you discover insights that can accelerate your strategy to the next level. This allows you to make confident, informed decisions and build compelling narratives in your meetings with beautifully visualized data available at your fingertips.


This consists of chart widgets that are real time data, historically allowing users to look back and understand what has happened in time periods, using data sources that are available. See Work with Dashboards and Build Custom Charts to learn about creating widgets and custom charts within your dashboards. Some of the widgets that're available in Cascade are:



This helps generate engagement reports for each strategic plan to unlock insights about who is most involved with strategy, helping you make sure everyone is aligned and working together. See Generate Reports to learn how to create reports! The reports that you can build in Cascade are:

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