Flexible Strategy Model
  • 20 Nov 2023
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Flexible Strategy Model

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This feature is available only for "Essentials and Enterprise+ tiers", and is accessible only by the Admins!

The Strategy Model is the name given to the structure on which the plans are built within Cascade. The hierarchy of the Strategy Model cannot be modified!

However, we're providing you a flexible strategy model, where you can rename the components the way you want it! From the profile picture/initials, click Settings > Admin >  Strategy Model tab.


You can give aliases to whichever components you wish to! 

  • Click  (Pencil icon) across the component that you wish to change, and rename it (singular or plural case). For example, you can rename Objectives as outcome(s), mission(s) etc., Measures as metric(s), KPI, etc., Projects as initiative(s), schema, etc., and Actions as task(s), activity/activities, etc.
  • Once done, click Save. The aliases will be reflected across your workspace! Click X to cancel!

Here's a quick video: 

Example: Portfolio Management

If you wish to have portfolio management within Cascade, all you need to do is give the parts of the strategy model a relevant alias!

Once you save the changes, you can then:

  • align portfolios between each others,
  • see portfolio timelines,
  • add measures under a project,
  • track sub-projects,
  • track deliverables and owners for each deliverable as well as tasks and checklists within each.
You can also add "Types" to the strategy model components to give them additional context. See Add Goal Types: Advance Strategy Model Customization for details.

See the article on Cascade's 'Strategy Model' for details on using our strategy framework!

Also, we've different frameworks that you can use, depending on your requirement. Click on the framework that you wish to use, and click Enable this framework. The terminologies would be applied across the workspace suiting the framework that you chose. See Some Supported Popular Frameworks for details!

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