What is the Workflow?
  • 04 Jan 2023
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What is the Workflow?

Article Summary

Having understood the strategy model, what happens when you first login, the different roles, and so on, let's now try to understand the end-to-end workflow in a workspace!

  1. Login to the workspace - The First Login to Workspace
  2. Add a plan, focus area(s), objective(s) - Create Your Plan or Import Your Plan, Add Focus Areas to your Plan, Add Objectives to the Focus Areas
    1. Add success criteria for the objective(s) - Add Measures to your Objectives, Add Actions to your Objectives, Add Projects to your Objectives, and Add Contributing Objectives to your Objectives
  3. Add teams, assign plan to teams - Invite or Add New Users, Working with your Teams
  4. Manage your plans and teams, and their progress - Manage Plans and Teams
  5. See how your plans are aligned - Vertical alignment (View the Alignment of your Plans), Horizontal alignment (Add Focus Areas to your Plan)
  6. Monitor the progress with: This is the main aspect which gives you an insight of the performances, and guides in decision making!
    1. Goal-hub - The Goal Hub (Historical trend, audit-trail, etc.)
    2. Dashboards - Work with Dashboards (Visual insights of performances of plans, objectives, teams, actions, and so on.)
    3. Reports - Generate Reports (Highlights the summary of the performances, progress over time, risk metrics, health of various entities grouped by teams, plans, etc.)

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