User Roles in Cascade
  • 27 Jul 2023
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User Roles in Cascade

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In Cascade, we've enabled four different types of roles. This'll define the groupings of permissions that can be granted to a user.

"Viewer" roles are available only in "Enterprise" tiers!

By definition,

  • Admin: A role that defines this user has access to all organization settings!
  • Manager: A role that can be assigned to a user that gives fairly broad access to the organization.
  • Contributor: A role that can contribute to things that they're given access to, in the organization.
  • Viewer: (Only in Enterprise tiers) A role that has been granted access to view and comment on specific things in the organization.
    While "viewers" can be assigned ownership of a goal, they cannot make any edits or progress updates to that goal. They can just review and leave comments!

Depending on the Role that your inviter had assigned you, your access changes, and the pages that are displayed varies! If you are,

  • Admin, you'll have every access!
  • Manager, you'll not have access to Billing, Strategy Model and Custom Field pages, except that, you got everything!
    • What this means is that, you'll not see Billing, Strategy Model, and Custom Field tabs in the Administration page. You can navigate to Administration page from the Admin > Settings under your profile picture/initials.
  • Contributor, you'll not have access to any administrator activities. You can create or edit plans, track progress, and so on. You can add existing users, create/assign teams with existing users, but cannot add or invite new users.
    • This means, you'll not see Admin tab itself from your profile picture/initials, nor the Invite Users on the left navigation pane. Your Home page will not show the Invite Team or Create Team area. However, from the Plans and Teams > All Teams page, you'll be able to create teams with existing users, or remove teammates.
  • Viewer, you'll not have access to anything at all, except for just browsing and adding comments, wherever possible!
    Viewers cannot add plans, goals, users, teams, reports, dashboards, nor can they make any progress updates or team updates. All they can do is just browse through and add comments, wherever the "option to comment" is available! 

For your easy reference:

Manage Billing or subscriptionsYesNoNoNo
Rename components of strategy modelYesNoNoNo
Create custom fieldsYesNoNoNo
Add or remove usersYesYesPartial
(However, they can add or remove existing members within workspace.)
Add/manage plans, success criteriaYesYesYesNo
Bulk ImporterYesYesNoNo
Create DashboardsYesYesYesNo
Generate ReportsYesYesYesNo
Browse plans, add commentsYesYesYesYes
Note: If you're invited as a "Collaborator" on a plan, then you'll automatically be assigned a "Contributor" role. You can add existing members in the workspace to the plan or the team. You can create a team with existing members. However, you cannot add or invite new members i.e., members outside your workspace.

At any point of time, the Admin/Manager can change your role, and to see those changes, you need to logout and login back again!

Now that you have understood the layout and what is expected of each role, lets see how permissions provide more granularity to access control in Access and Permissions article!

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