The 'Timeline' View
  • 15 Nov 2023
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The 'Timeline' View

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With a lot of plans and moving pieces of your strategy, it might get a little daunting and frustrating to prioritize and schedule things! We agree with you - to build confidence in the "when", and to get a quick picture on how things are planned across, you now have the "timeline" view in the Planner page!

The Timeline tab in the Planner page will represent the goals on your strategic plan in a Gantt chart style, so that you can easily see when the different constituents of your plan start / finish. This view is useful for managing the timing of different elements of your plan and prioritizing them!

Click on the entities in the left side to open them from the relevant sidebar, and click on the respective bars on the right to get a quick update on the progress, health, and the dates!

You can choose to add columns (dates, health, collaborator, etc.,) in the table along with the entities' title from the Columns drop-down. With regards to the visualization, you can choose any timeline (days, month, year, etc.,) from the list of available options under View. This'll let you understand how things are progressing over time, and how they're placed and planned! You can then make guided decisions to plan, prioritize, and adjust timelines, as necessary!


Can I edit the dates from here?

Not at this point! However, you can click on any objective or other entity to open them from the relevant sidebar, and then continue to edit the dates from there!

Will I be able to sort the goals based on their health?

Not at this point! We're working to bring sorting capabilities to the planner and timelines very soon!

Is there a way to see multiple plans in the timeline view at the same time?

No, the Timeline tab in the Planner page will show only the Gantt chart with the focus areas and objectives in that plan.

Can I adjust the progress bars from here?

No, this is just the timeline view that provides a visual representation of your goals!

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