The 'Kanban' Board
  • 06 Sep 2023
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The 'Kanban' Board

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You've the plans in place, defined the desired objectives, and broken them down into projects and actions! But to streamline priorities, and seamlessly work on these actions, you might be looking at a single execution view - Here's the "Kanban board" that's going to help you prioritize your work and optimize the effort!

Click the Go to Kanban board in the My upcoming work section of your Home page, you'll see the Kanban board pull up all the actions and projects that you own and collaborate, in a single view! You can move the cards around to define the status of your work on any action!

Remember that the health of an action or project will be unaffected by the status assigned in the Kanban board! i.e., moving the cards of an action or project with different health "At risk" or "On track" or "Behind" to "Done" or "On hold" or "Wont do" status in a Kanban board will not change the health of that action or project. However, when their health is updated later, it'll prompt you on the change! 

If you're moving an action "At risk" (health) to "Done" (status), it'll still show its health as "At risk" only! But if you make a progress and achieve 100% on it, it'll prompt that the action is now "Achieved" (health)!

The actions that you can do from here are:

  • Move the cards around to set different status.
  • Scoot the manual slider to update progress and add comments.
  • Cross off checklist and milestone items to make progress.
  • Click on a card to open them from the relevant sidebar.
  • Click on the three dots in the card to edit them from the sidebar or delete them.

Once an action is marked done, it'll disappear from the board after two weeks! However, you can click View on the Kanban board, and select smart filtering! Toggle the button against Show old completed work to list the items that was completed more than two weeks ago!

View status information in the Sidebar:

This status information is available in the Kanban board as well as in the sidebar only for actions and projects. You'll also see it for the actions nested under projects. Measures and Objectives do not have status information as they're best to be measured by their health!

The status information from the Kanban board is fed into the sidebar of all the actions. When you change the status of an action, it'll automatically reflect in both these places, irrespective of where you do it!


Are health and status different?

Yes, health is calculated from the expected progress vs the actual progress that you make. See What does each Health mean in Cascade? for details. But status is an interpretation that we set manually for actions and is just contextual with no impact on any execution. Health and status in Cascade are independent of each other and cannot be used interchangeably!

Can I filter the cards based on priority?

Not at this point! However, you can click View on the Kanban board, and select smart filtering! Toggle the button against Show future work to list the items that do not start in the next week! This'll help you plan your work better!

How do I get my team's work on the Kanban board?

We're working to get this option turned on at the earliest. Please look at this space for more updates!

I moved the card of my action to "Wont do", but it still shows up as "On Track"!

Health and status are two different entities! The status in the Kanban board is not dependent on the health of your action. If you do not make any updates to that action, its health will subsequently change to "Behind" or "At risk" with time, but the status in Kanban board will remain at "Wont do" till you move the card to some other status!

Why am I not able to see the projects that I own in this board?

At this point, only the actions that you own and collaborate are pulled up here. Even those actions that're listed under the projects are displayed, but, in future, you'll also be able to see the projects themselves up here!

Can we set status to objectives and measures?

No! Objectives and measures do not need to be measured by their status as its best to measure them by their health!

Why isn't my action that's achieved not moving to done?

This is not automated and you'll have to manually move the card to done! But if you're moving an action that is "At risk" to "done", once that action has made 100% progress, you'll be receive a prompt on it!

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