The First Login to Workspace
  • 15 Mar 2023
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The First Login to Workspace

You'll be invited to the workspace by an Admin or Manager via email. Click Accept Invite in your mail, and will be asked to join the workspace! Just type in the password, and click Continue. You'll then be prompted to enter your name and job title! 

If you already have an account with us, then you'll be added directly to the new workspace without having to authenticate again. Once done, voila, you are here! 

First login

The Workspace Layout

On the left navigation pane, there are links to:

  • Cascade Logo/Home - The "Home" Page
  • Plans and Teams - Plans and Teams Page, where you can manage all the plans and teams at one-place.
  • Metrics - Metrics Page, where you can import and manage all your metrics from different applications from within Cascade.
  • Dashboards - Dashboards Page, where you can visualize the health, progress, performance of your plans, objectives, measures, and so on.
  • Reports - Reports Page, where you can monitor, track different aspects of your plan, and generate reports.
  • Integrations - Integrations, where you can integrate with the other applications to collaborate and automate your progress.
  • Alignment - Alignment Page, where you can view the alignment of your plan, and all the other plans in your workspace in a bird-eye view.
  • (Optional)Premium Trial ("n" days left) or Upgrade to Premium - Billing Page, where you can update or upgrade your subscription. This is displayed only for users with Admin permissions. More on roles and page access are detailed in User Roles in Cascade.
  • (Optional) Invite Teammates - Lets you invite teammates. This is displayed only for users with Admin/Manager permissions.
  • Help - Each link under this, is to help you understand us better. You can give feedback, check out our knowledge base, or get instant support from our customer support team via live chat! Anything for you to have a smooth and better experience!  

On the top-right, there are options to:

Search icon: Click to search for any plan, objective, and team.
Plus icon: Click to Add Plans (plan name, parent plan, etc.), Import Plan (plan importer opens), Add Objectives (add objectives sidebar opens), Invite Teammates (role, email address), Create Team (team name, team owner, team members, etc.), Bulk Importer (bulk importer opens). Based on roles, the options might vary!
While with Import Plan, you can only import one plan at a time, Bulk Importer option lets you import multiple plans and users!
Bell icon: Click to see any notifications, for example, if any new objective is added or updated, someone commented on your report, someone mentioned you, etc.
Profile Picture/Initials: Based on the roles, the options might vary! Click:
  • Settings
    • Admin - manage administration activities: users and subscriptions, flexible strategy model, custom fields
    • My Profile - manage your profile: add your profile photo, edit your name or job title, change password, etc. from the Profile tab, and enable notifications via in-app or mail from the Notifications tab!
  • General
    • What' New - keeps you informed on what's brewing, and the features you can expect soon. If you wish to request any new feature, click Suggest a feature in the Feature Requests tab!
    • Live Support - Chat instantly with our best customer support person and get all the support you need!
  • Workspace
    • Create New Workspace - edit your name, job title, name your workspace. Once a workspace is created, you'll have the option to switch workspaces!
    • Logout - logs you out of the workspace!
Note: If you've uploaded your picture to your profile, then the "Profile Initials" will be replaced by your "Profile Picture".


I saw there're two login tabs - new and classic experience. What're those?

Those're the two versions of our product, Cascade! If you're already as existing customer of ours who's been using the current version, then you need to login via the Classic Experience. However, if you need to try out the New Experience, you've to sign up!

How do I change my password?

From your Profile Picture/Initials, click My Settings. Now, click Change Password. You'll receive a mail to reset your password. Click Reset Password, and complete the next steps. Your password will be changed successfully! Remember that, if you've logged in from Google or LinkedIn accounts, then you'll not be able to change the password from Cascade!

Can I create my own workspace?

Yes, you can create any number of workspaces. See How to Set-up a New Workspace to know more in detail.

Can I enable SSO authentication?

Yes, SSO authentication is enabled via assisted setup only. Please reach out to the Account Executive or the Customer Success Manager for further details!

How to close or delete my account?

We've a lot of new interesting features lined up! You can vote for any of our upcoming features under Your profile > General > What's New. If you wish to have any other features, you can write to us! But, if you still feel the need to close your account with us, please contact our live support. We'll feel bad to let you go, but we just hope you stay with us so that we live up to your expectations!

How to make use of the templates available in Cascade?

Our "Template library" has a wide range of templates based on different verticals, strategy frameworks. If you do not have an account with us, clicking on Use template will let you create an account and workspace in "New Experience" with that template imported! If you already have an account, then this action will let you create a new workspace to get the template imported. If you're already logged into a workspace, then clicking on Use template will directly import that template to your workspace!

On import, you'll see the relevant plan in the Planner page, and you can get started right away!

Does the platform support two factor authentication?

Not currently! If you wish to have this available, you can request it via Your profile > General > What's new > Feature Requests tab > Suggest a feature.

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