The First Login to Workspace
  • 15 Sep 2023
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The First Login to Workspace

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When you sign-up for the first time with us, it'll ask you to provide a few details like your name, job title, phone number, organization name and size, and the workspace region to create an account in Cascade. 

You can then create your workspace in Cascade, and will be given a free trial of 14 days to enjoy all the paid tier benefits, post which, you'll be moved to the Free tier plan. Give your workspace a name and choose the workspace region from the list. This will be the region where the data of your workspace will be stored. By default, you'll be the Admin of the new workspace that you create. You can then go ahead and invite your team members to your new workspace.

You'll be invited to the workspace by an Admin or Manager, and you'll see the invitation in your email.

  • Click Accept invite in your mail, and you'll see the You've been invited modal.
  • Click Continue. Once this SSO authentication is successful, in the subsequent logins, you can just enter the email address in the New experience tab, and be automatically logged into the workspace!
  • If it's an MFA enabled workspace, you'll see a QR code. In this case, you need to install the Authenticator app, scan the QR code, and enter the OTP for authenticating you. See Multi-Factor Authentication for details. The next time you log in, you'll simply need to enter the new code that is generated automatically on the authentication app, and you'll automatically be logged into the workspace!
  • If there's no SSO or MFA enabled in the workspace, you need to just type in the password, and click Continue to log into the workspace, where you'll be prompted to enter your name and the job title.
  • If you already have an account with us, then you'll be added directly to the new workspace without having to authenticate again. This is because we've linked your accounts and mapped them across so as to bring down the noise and clutter during login or sign-up! However, during subsequent logins, you'll be asked to choose the workspace you want to work on!


I saw there're two login tabs - new and classic experience. What're those?

Those're the two versions of our product, Cascade! If you're already as existing customer of ours who's been using the current version, then you need to login via the Classic Experience. However, if you need to try out the New Experience, you've to sign up!

You can also use your social logins like Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft credentials to log in to Cascade.

What happens if the user misses the invite or the invite is expired?

Click Resend Invite from the three dots against their name, and a mail will be triggered to the user! You can also copy-paste the link from the Copy Invite Link, and pass the invite link over to the user!

How do I change my password?

From your Profile Picture/Initials, click My Settings. Now, click Change Password. You'll receive a mail to reset your password. Click Reset Password, and complete the next steps. Your password will be changed successfully! Remember that, if you've logged in from Google or LinkedIn accounts, then you'll not be able to change the password from Cascade!

Can I create my own workspace?

Ideally, yes! But we do not recommend having multiple workspaces (except for "Partners") as it'll cause lot of confusion and noise with respect to user management, alignment, collaboration, and so on. If you've multiple workspaces attached to you, then please react out to us so that we can disable those!

Can I change my workspace region?

Please reach out to us if you wish to move your region. But remember that, your data will not be migrated to the new region!

How to rename my workspace?

Please reach out to us to rename or update your workspace name!

Can I enable SSO authentication?

Yes, SSO authentication is enabled via assisted setup only. Please reach out to the Account Executive or the Customer Success Manager for further details!

What happens if the workspace I'm already associated with, has now implemented SSO?

Once SSO is implemented, the next time you log in, i.e., enter your email address and click Continue, we'll link your non-SSO and SSO profiles together in the backend. You'll then be presented with a login screen where you'll need to enter your email address and password to verify the account linkage. Once the account linking is done, during subsequent logins, you'll just need your email address to log into the workspace!

If SSO was implemented to a workspace later but you had been invited much earlier and you still had not accepted that invite, then you can use the same invite to enroll in SSO if the invite has still not expired!

How to close or delete my account?

We've a lot of new interesting features lined up! You can vote for any of our upcoming features under Your profile > General > What's New. If you wish to have any other features, you can write to us! But, if you still feel the need to close your account with us, please contact our live support. We'll feel bad to let you go, but we just hope you stay with us so that we live up to your expectations!

How to make use of the templates available in Cascade?

Our "Template library" has a wide range of templates based on different verticals, strategy frameworks. If you do not have an account with us, clicking on Use template will let you create an account and workspace in "New Experience" with that template imported! If you already have an account, then this action will let you create a new workspace to get the template imported. If you're already logged into a workspace, then clicking on Use template will directly import that template to your workspace!

On import, you'll see the relevant plan in the Planner page, and you can get started right away!

Does the platform support two factor authentication (2FA or MFA)?

Yes. Admins can enable MFA or 2FA in the workspace, and once enabled, it'll be active for all users in that workspace. See Multi-Factor Authentication for details!

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