The 'Explorer' View
  • 14 Sep 2023
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The 'Explorer' View

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Though the Align tab in Alignment gives you a broad perspective on the plans, and its association with its child plans, overall health, the Explore tab will give you a holistic and visual representation of your company's strategy, and the relationship between the various contributing elements!

Both Align and Explore views are visualizations that provide complementary views of your strategy, and helps answer different questions about your strategy! While with Align view, the usage is pretty much to understand the plan hierarchy, parent-child relationships with shared objectives and focus areas, and plan health, the Explore view can be used to

  • easily identify patterns and drill down to areas of your strategy that need attention or re-prioritization
  • represent multiple elements of your strategy, and the relationships between them, in a single view
  • scale as your strategy grows, allowing large volume of workspace data to be represented at once.

Click Alignment from the left navigation pane, and go to the Explore tab - you'll see a constellation of elements in your workspace! In this matrix-like structure, you'll see the focus areas and the objectives (including nested objectives) color-coded based on their health, and the relationship between them across plans! Please note that this feature is still in beta, and in the upcoming weeks, you'll see a lot of enhancements in this space!

Click on a focus area or an objective node to fire up the relevant sidebar to view its details!

View the Focus Area Details:

Click on a focus area node to drilldown its details from its sidebar. It displays the health of its objectives, and the plans in which its part of!

Click the icon to explore the focus area in detail from the Plans and teams > All focus areas page!

View the Objectives Details:

Click on an objective node to get more context from the Objective Sidebar.

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