"Team table" for reporting on Teams
  • 23 Aug 2023
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"Team table" for reporting on Teams

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A report on a team and its team members is extremely important as it improves the team's efficiency, transparency, and lets them to align, collaborate and engage more towards the team's goals and vision. This precise information will let the team members to have a clear understanding of how their work is contributing towards the common vision and focus their efforts and priorities accordingly.

You can build a custom charts (line, bar, pie charts) with Team as data source or use this Team table to look at the performance of a team or teams, and the initiatives they're part of! This will let you know if the team is aligned with the company's vision, and if they're progressing on the right track towards that! For example, to know if your Sales Team is meeting its target, if the HR Team is accountable, Operations Team is understaffed or overloaded, etc., this report table can be put to use to understand the team dimensions!

From the (Table) icon, click the Team table, select the Team or Teams from the dropdown list, and click Apply. The team members, along with their job titles, number of initiatives that they own, and the health of those initiatives will be displayed in the table!

Table columns in "Team" table:

You can choose to decide what columns you wish to see in your reports so as to enable you to get quick and meaningful strategic insights!

Click Edit Table Settings, and click Table Columns.

While the Name is mandatory (disabled for editing) for this report, the other columns can be chosen as per your requirement:

  • Job Title of the team members.
  • Last Activity done on any initiative. This data is taken from the relevant Goal hub > Activity tab, and can include any recent activities like comments, risks, progress, owner or collaborator changes, and so on.
  • Initiatives, the objectives/measures/actions/projects they own.
  • Overall Health of their initiatives.

Filters in "Team" table:

You can apply filters to see the precise information, so that you can focus on the data you wish to see in the report. Click Edit Table Settings, and click Filter.

You can filter the data in this table only by the owner or owners - just type in their mail addresses, and apply the filter to look at the report at an individual team member level!

If you wish to remove the filter, use the trash icon beside the options, or click Clear All, and then click Apply to save your changes!

Filtering to this granular level will easily let you know how to scale and focus on your team's objectives!

Group by in "Team" table:

Click Edit Table Settings, and click Group by.

At this point, you can group this table only by the plans that the users are part of! We'll be adding more options to group by, in future!


Can I build a report that only has the projects handled by team members?

You can expand the objectives in this table to look at the projects assigned to your team members. But to have an insight of only this information, you can build a custom chart on Project Analytics.

Can I export the report or share them externally?

Yes! See Export your Reports and Share your Reports with Stakeholders for details!

Can I upgrade just one member of my Team to premium so that I can make more full reports? And leave the others at the free end for them to just view reports?

No, the tier benefits are at workspace level, and not at user or plan levels. If you've viewer seats left, you can add them as viewers, and they'll inherit the view access to all functionalities across the workspace. However, the report must also have a public access for others to view it.
If you need to enjoy premium benefits, we can extend your trial for a while so that you can explore all the features that the premium tier has to offer. But the best way would be to upgrade and unlock strategic insights!

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