Sync Your Calendar With a Plan
  • 24 May 2022
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Sync Your Calendar With a Plan

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You can sync your plan, objectives, and its due-dates to your preferred online Outlook, Google, or Apple calendar.

To sync your calendar, click Integrations from the left navigation pane and, in the Calendar tab, click Add Calendar.

The Sync Calendar pop-up opens. You can now configure the sync settings.

Enter the name of the calendar and select the plan you want to sync. You can also select the items (your objectives only, all objectives) on that plan you want to sync, and click Generate. Click Cancel to discard your changes.

Now, you can either copy the URL from the Calendar URL and add that directly into your preferred calendar app, or directly select your preferred calendar from the Connect with your calendar. Hover the mouse over the calendar apps listed to assist you with the next steps.

For your easy reference,

  • Google calendar: Open the calendar app, click Add calendar from the left navigation pane, select From URL, and paste the copied URL.
  • Outlook calendar: Open the calendar app, click Add calendar from the left navigation pane, select Subscribe from web, and paste the copied URL.
  • Apple calendar: This can be done only from the desktop application. Click File > New Calendar Subscription, and paste the URL.

Click Done to save your changes or Undo to discard. In the Calendar page, click the Pencil icon if you wish to edit the name or change the plan or any other settings, or click Trash icon to delete the calendar.


Does my calendar update automatically?

Once you have set up the sync between your calendar and Cascade, any new objective that you add within the parameters set (plan, objectives, success criteria) will be automatically updated to your calendar. Same goes for changing the due date of an objective, it will update automatically in your calendar.

Please note that Google calendar may take up to 24 hours to update.

Where can I see the calendars I have set up?

The plans you have synced with your calendar appear in the Integrations page under the Calendar tab, there you will be able to add new plans, as well as edit or remove your existing ones.

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