Subscriptions and Tier Offerings
  • 25 May 2023
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Subscriptions and Tier Offerings

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Only "Admin" role users can access this page or feature!

You can view your subscription details in the Billing tab of the Administration page.

Cascade has several tiers that offer various features, including Free Teams, Premium, and Enterprise. We offer a trial period of 14 days which allows you to explore all the features that would be available to you in Premium tier as well. Once the trial period is over, or you exceed the allowed number of users/functionalities, you can upgrade to keep working on our platform.

How do I upgrade?

If you are on Free Teams or the Premium Trial and want to upgrade, you can do so by clicking on the plan indicator on the left navigation menu. This may say Premium Trial or Upgrade to Premium depending on how long your account has existed.

Image showing a lock icon with the words 'Premium Trial, 4 days left' with the option to Learn More. Icon of a person with a plus sign and the caption Invite People. Icon of a question mark with the title Help.

Online activation requires a credit card. Paying by invoice is only available to accounts with 20+ users.

Here’s a quick summary of what your options will look like:

Cascade comes in a few different tiers, each designed to support teams according to their scale and goals. You can choose between a monthly or yearly subscription!

See Cascade Pricing for up-to-date information on tier offerings!

Free TierPremiumEnterprise
Users4 (Only admins)Minimum 5 users (No "viewer" roles)Unlimited user seats including "view-only" users
Timeline viewNoYesYes
Alignment map - plansYesYesYes
RelationshipsBasic - Only "contributor" relationships between objectivesBasic - Only "contributor" relationships between objectives
Advanced - Contributor and other secondary relationships like blockers, dependencies, etc., between all entities!
Alignment map - objectivesYesYesYes
Dashboards2 recently updated dashboards with 4 widgets (except custom charts)UnlimitedUnlimited
Custom chartsNoYesYes
Reports2 reports with 2 tables up-to 5 table columns and 1 pie-chartUnlimitedUnlimited
IntegrationsGoogle Sheets, MS Excel, MS Outlook, Slack, MS Teams, CalendarAll integrations available in Free tier plus Jira and Zapier integrationsNative, advanced (via Zapier and Power Automate), and custom integrations (set up by CSM and IT)
Private PlansNoYesYes
Custom fieldsNoNoYes
Strategy FrameworksCascade Strategy and OKR frameworksAllAll
Basic Strategy Model Customization (Providing alias or customizing the name of the strategy model components)NoNoYes
Advanced Strategy Model Customization (Customizing the name as well as defining types for strategy model components)NoNoYes
SSONoSSO through social logins
Please contact us for set-up!
Enterprise SSO connections (SAML and other identifier providers)
Please contact us for set-up!
Support24*7 chat support24*7 chat support
Designated Customer Success Manager, and 24*7 chat support

While the Free Teams tier is ideal for small businesses or teams who need a great platform to help them execute their strategy, the Premium tier includes everything in the free plan, with certain additional features and basic user permissions, which'll allow different users to interact with Cascade in different ways depending on their role in the organization!

The Enterprise tier is built for larger organizations, comes with unlimited users, plans, reports, and dashboards, advanced integrations, SSO, and a dedicated Customer Success Manager. Please click Contact Us to talk to any of our experienced Customer Experience persons to know more about this!

What happens once the trial period is over?

You'll still have the access to the workspace, but you'll not be able to enjoy any of the premium tier benefits. All your data that you saved in the trial period will be safe with us, and once you upgrade to premium, you'll be able to view and access all that. For example, if you had renamed parts of your strategy model (objectives as outcomes, actions as tasks, etc.,), once the trial period is over, it'll revert back to Cascade's original strategy model. If you upgrade, then the names will be reverted to how you renamed those earlier!

With regards to users, if you had added more than five users, once your trial is over, you'll not be able to add any new users unless you delete the existing users, and the users in the workspace is less than three. However, the existing users would still have the same access according to their roles. 

With respect to dashboards, you'll not be able to add any more dashboards if you already have more than the allowed two dashboards for free tier. Also, you'll not be able to configure more than four widgets. However, in the existing dashboards, you'll be allowed to edit only the recently updated four widgets. You can delete the existing dashboards to create new ones!

It's the same case with reports! However, you can delete the existing reports to add new ones but just remember that you can only have two reports with just two tables. Though you'll be able to see all the table columns that're available, you'll not be allowed to choose more than five!

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