Strategy Planner
  • 06 Sep 2023
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Strategy Planner

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The Strategy Planner is the beating heart of Cascade. It’s where you can create and edit your plan, collaborate with teammates on strategy, update progress, get a high level view of all your moving pieces in a timeline view, and truly take the pulse of your strategy.

What’s so great about the Strategy Planner?

The Strategy Planner is where you'll really get down to details with your team’s strategy. It’s where you’ll nail down your strategic plans, review the timelines at-a-glance, and share your team’s visions, values, and mission, as well as building out the strategy that will take your team to the top.

Here’s what the Strategy Planner can do:

  • View your strategic plans and manage your organization’s various plans.
  • Work within Cascade’s tried and true Strategy Model to create a plan so great, it can’t help but happen.
  • Display your team’s vision, mission, and values, to remind everyone what your strategy is going to result in.
  • Create strategic focus areas that will contain the Objectives, Measures, Projects, and Actions that make up all the moving parts of your strategy.
  • Provide a high level view of owners, due dates, progress, and health.
  • Quickly leave comments and update progress.
  • Analyze the timeline to organize and schedule the things that matter. 

As much as the Strategy Planner can do, there are a few things that are better left to other awesome tools and features in Cascade. For example:

  • Getting insights on progress, your at-a-glance data powerhouses will be Dashboards and Reports.
  • Managing your Personal and Team plans, you can quickly reach and interact with those on your Plans and Teams page.

See The 'Strategy Model' to make sure you understand all the nitty gritty details of the Strategy Planner!


Can I rearrange objectives?

You can rearrange objectives within a focus area by clicking on Reorder plan, and then use the drag and drop icon to move the objective. If you need to rearrange an objective between focus areas or different plans, you’ll want to open it up in the Sidebar and change the Strategic Contribution. You can change it to contribute to another Focus Area or Plan, and the objective will move to that Focus Area or Plan.

Can I rearrange Focus Areas?

Yes, click Reorder plan, and use the drag and drop icon to reorder or rearrange them within a plan!

Can I edit objectives from the Planner?

Click the (Pencil icon) to do an inline editing of the objective's title, or click the owner icon and due date fields to edit those inline too! You can click into any objective to bring up the Sidebar and make extensive edits to the objective!

Can I customize the colors in the Planner?

Currently, the Planner does not support color changes and will come equipped with Cascade’s classic colors (which are pretty nice, let’s be honest).

How many plans can I make?

You can create unlimited plans, whether your account is a free account or paid!

Can I have multiple favorite plans?

Yes! You can favorite multiple plans as you need to.

How do I know if my plan is aligned with the organization's plans?

Click the three dots against the plan name, and click View Alignment. It'll highlight your plan and will show the other plans in your workspace in the background. A simple tree structure depicts all the plans, both aligned and unaligned, in your workspace.

Can I assign my plan to a different team?

Yes, click the three dots against the plan name, and click Plan Settings. In the settings dialog box, you can change the name of the plan, align to a different parent plan, or remove the parent plan to make your plan unaligned, and assign your plan to a different team.

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