"Risk Distribution Scatter Plot" widget
  • 09 May 2023
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"Risk Distribution Scatter Plot" widget

Article Summary

Use this widget if you want to see the count of risks within an entity and how those risks are distributed within the likelihood and the impact! This heatmap will let you derive mitigations on how to tackle the risks and adapt early in the cycle. You can also add this widget in your reports from the Chart icon there! See Generate Reports for details!

Risks can be of any type, and can be added to an objective, measure, project or action. See Add Risks for more details.

When you select an entity, and choose the relevant one from the list that has risks added to them, you'll see the risk matrix with various risk positions mapped to their scores!

Please note that you can pull up a risk widget only for the particular entity (objective, measure, project or action) that you choose, and you cannot choose multiple entities. Also, selecting an objective will only show the risks added for that objective and will not include those risks that're added to its associated success criteria.

Current State of Measure

Hover the mouse over the dots to see the risk title, likelihood, impact, and the risk scores.

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