Review and Evaluate Progress with Reports
  • 16 Aug 2023
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Review and Evaluate Progress with Reports

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Reports in Cascade create experiences that assist in the process of reviewing and evaluating progress by observing in-detail raw data of the past, and turning them into actionable narratives. We assist you in the reviewing process by enabling frozen images of the reports in time - "Snapshots"!

Click (Create Snapshot) icon to take a screen-grab of your report at that point in time. The Save to Report History dialog box opens, enter the name for the snapshot, and select the folder where you need to save the report to. If there are no folders, it'll ask you to create a new one. You can keep creating new folders as you work.

Remember that only those with Admin privileges, or has edit permissions on a report can take a snapshot! 

If you wish to change the folder name, you can do it in this dialog box by clicking Change the folder name! Once the folder is created or selected, the snapshot will be saved there. You can use this to present or analyze your progress and make logical decisions.

Snapshots are just images (screenshots) of the reports which can be saved and shared. You cannot edit the data in Snapshots. These can be used to understand, analyze, and make logical decisions to achieve your progress. The snapshots will be available unless and until it gets deleted or the report from which it was taken is deleted!

At any point in time, if you wish to see the snapshots that're stored, click (View snapshots) icon on the top left. This opens the Reports Archive sidebar, where you can see the snapshot created date, the Report from which the snapshot was taken, and the snapshots saved in different folders.

Expand the folders, and click on the snapshot you wish to view, or if you wish to delete, click the three dots against it, and click Delete. You can change the name of the snapshot by clicking the three dots against it, and clicking Change Name. You can also create a new snapshot folder from here - click icon!

Click Edit Report, if you wish to work further on the report data!

Click on a snapshot to share it externally, comment or present it!


  • (Comment) icon to comment on the snapshot. You can also tag someone using "@" and clicking on the relevant user in your workspace.
  • (Present) icon to display the snapshot in presentation mode.
  • (Share snapshot) icon to share the snapshot with external stakeholders (outside your workspace). See Share your Reports with Stakeholders for details.
  • Back to Live to go back to the saved report in view mode! If you wish to edit the report, you now need to click Edit Report from this page!

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