Post Updates, Comments, and Collaborate
  • 09 Jun 2023
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Post Updates, Comments, and Collaborate

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In a collaborative set-up, you'll need to create updates on your progress and your team's towards an objective or a measure or project or action, so that it can be shared across with your colleagues, managers, and everyone else in the workspace.

While you can make progress updates and comment on them just about from anywhere - home page, sidebar, goalhub, MS teams (if integrated), you can make written updates from the Sidebar or from the Team's page. These comments and updates will keep everyone informed of the work, provide feedback, and to remain aligned and focused on the big picture.

Updates and comments allow to keep you and everyone else in the loop on what’s happening, and to keep a record of all progress.

Post updates from Sidebar and Goal-hub:

Anyone with "Admin" access, and those with "can edit" permissions on a goal can post updates! However, a "viewer" cannot post updates!

You can view or post updates from the Updates tab of the Sidebar or Goal-hub. Click Post Update to make an update on an objective/measure/project/action to keep the team informed. You can add text (apply styles, bullets, alignment), attach links or embed videos. You can tag person(s) or team(s) to notify them!

Post Update in Sidebar

A snapshot of the objective/measure/project/action is taken when an update is posted, so that you can view them anytime and analyze the progress or updates at a later time. This update will also be posted under the Recent Updates area on the Home page of every user in that workspace!

However, an update made on a "private plan" will be available for viewing and commenting only for Admins, and those with "can view" and "can edit" permissions on that plan!

Post team updates in Teams page and Home page:

Anyone with "Admin" access, and any team member (other than users with the Viewer role) can create an update for their team!

The Updates tab in your Team's page lets you to create updates so that everyone in your team are aware of the progress! You can post short messages and videos here. Click Post an Update and in the Post an Update dialog box, give a title and write your message (use headlines, paragraphs, apply styles and bullets), attach videos (insert or copy-paste the video link here), and click Post Update. The update gets posted!

Anyone in the workspace can add comments to your updates, and if the notifications are enabled, you'll receive notifications that someone has commented in your update!

You can view the updates from

  • Team's Update page (Shows only the specific team's updates made by its team members)
  • Team's Home page (You can also post updates from here!)
  • Recent Updates area of Home page (Shows all the recent updates posted in your workspace)Teams Updates(1)

If you wish to see a specific team's update, then you need to navigate to that team via the Teams tab of the Plans and Teams page, and click the Updates tab of that team.

The updates are posted under the Recent Updates area of your Home page. You can filter them either to view all the updates in your workspace or to view just the team updates posted by different teams.

On integration with Slack (Integrate Slack with Cascade), you can receive notifications on team updates when the Cascade bot is added to the relevant slack channel.

Add comments on progress updates:

Anyone with "Admin" access, and those with "can edit" permissions on a goal (even a "viewer") can add comments with progress updates!

Wherever you see an action tracked manually or with milestones, or a measure that is tracked manually, you can just scoot the slider to update progress, attach comments, and click Save. This can be done from the Home page, Goal-hub, and Sidebar from within Cascade, and if you've enabled integrations with MS Teams or Outlook, then you can also make progress updates and attach comments there within those apps!

Add comments in the Sidebar:

Everyone in the workspace, including Viewers, can add comments in the comment section of the Sidebar, provided the plan is set "public"! Also, to add comments, you need to have a "can view" or "can edit" permissions on that plan!

You can add comments by clicking into the comment box visible at the bottom of the Sidebar. Type in the desired comment, tag teams or users, then click Comment. You can view the comments posted too!

If you wish to see all the comments made on a goal, then go to the relevant Goal-hub, and view them under the "Activity > Comments" tab!

Add comments to team updates:

You can also add comments by just typing in the text into the comment box section of a team update. Remember that:

  • You need to have view or edit permissions to view the update and leave comments. Even a "viewer" with view permissions can add comments!
  • If you're tagged in an update or comment made in a private plan, then you'll not be able to view or comment on it unless you've view or edit permissions to that plan!

Add comments in Dashboards and Reports:

You can add comments to a dashboard or report if they're public, and you've "can view" or "can edit" permissions (including viewers) to these dashboards and reports!

Click the (comment icon) in the Dashboards and Reports pages to post your comments or feedback (with rich text editor), and tag teams or users using "@" to collaborate!

Edit or delete updates and comments:

Anyone who is an Admin or the author of the comment or update can edit or delete them!

Once posted, if you wish to edit or delete the updates or comments, you can click the three dots against them, and click the relevant options for editing and deleting!

Getting notified on comments and updates:

You'll be notified on the comments or updates, if you're tagged or integrated with a collaborative app!

  • If someone has tagged you in the comment or update, you'll receive notification either in-app, or in mail, or both, depending on the notifications you've set in your profile!
  • If someone has tagged you in a dashboard or report, you'll receive a notification either in-app, or in mail, or both, as well as, see an orange dot on the comment icon to notify you of a new or unread comment!
  • If you've integrated with Slack, then you'll receive a notification on the relevant Slack channel when a team update is made!


Who can post team updates?

Anyone who is a member of that team can post updates to that team. 

When to post updates and comments?

Updates are posted at a team level or at an initiative level to do a check-in or provide an insight to everyone into what's happening. It can be a weekly or monthly check-in of a team, or something about the progress or performance of an initiative that you wish to notify everyone on!

Comments are posted to share your notes or feedback and can be written wherever the option to comment is available!

While updates are restricted to a team or initiative, comments can be posted on progress updates, team updates, initiatives, dashboards, and reports!

Who can edit an update?

Either an Admin or the author of the update, i.e., whoever posted that update can edit it. This can be done by clicking the three dots against the posted update, and clicking Edit.

Can I add videos as updates?

Yes, you can add or embed links to videos in the updates. Once posted, you'll see the thumbnail view of the video in the home page updates!

How can a update be deleted?

If you're the author, then click the three dots against the update, and click Delete.

If you're not the author, but an Admin, then you can click the three dots against the update, and click Delete.

Who can post comments?

Anyone who is an Admin or has a "view" access on a plan, dashboard, or report that's public, can add comments. Even a "Viewer" role user can add comments unless the plan, dashboard or report is not private!

Who can edit or delete comments?

Anyone who is an Admin or the author of the comment, can edit or delete them!

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