"Performance of Measures by Time Range" widget
  • 29 Nov 2022
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"Performance of Measures by Time Range" widget

Article Summary

Use this widget when you need to analyze how different measures are progressing over a time range. This will display the progress across different dates over a date range, more like viewing the historical progress! 

For example, how much revenue was generated over different months or quarters, sales numbers from different teams over a time range, number of users onboarded across months, and so on.

When you select measures of the same unit, bar charts of different colors pop-up displaying the actual progress of each measure over time.

Performance of Measures by Time Range

While the bar represents the actual progress of the measures over time, the dotted lines represent the expected progress of these measures. Hover the mouse over the bar chart to look at how the values performed at different dates over a time range, thus helping you to analyze the historical trend!

Click into the bar to open the context table - you'll see the details like owner, due date, progress, health, and the plan to which it belongs! You can sort the fields, the way you want! Click into any of these rows to open the relevant entity from the Sidebar!

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