Integrate Slack with Cascade
  • 23 Nov 2022
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Integrate Slack with Cascade

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Wouldn't it be so cool and easy if you can get instantly notified on your objectives, the progress, or comments?! Yes, that's what we intend to do by this integration with Slack! Quick updates to help you collaborate and analyze on your course of actions!

With a quick glance, you can get an overview of the objective's progress, and any updates or comments made on its progress from within Slack itself! For example, your team member has updated the progress of an action, you'll be notified instantly by a direct message on the percentage of progress made, and any comments attached with it - a true sense of collaboration and alignment, right?!

The only pre-requisite is to have an account with Slack and Cascade, before we proceed with this integration. You can connect with Slack either from Cascade or from Slack itself!

At this point in time, the integration of Slack is established only from the Cascade workspace that you're logged in to! However, you can choose to get notified from other workspaces by enabling them in the Personal Notifications in the Slack's Cascade App!

How to integrate Slack with Cascade?

From Integrations > Collaborate, click Connect in Slack box. 

  • The Slack app directory page opens - click Add to SlackCascade_Slack Connect
  • This'll now take you through the authentication process, click Allow to grant permissions. Slack_Permissions
  • You'll now see a successful linking message - click Go back to Slack.
  • Go to the Apps area in Slack, and you'll see Cascade App added there! 
  • Click the Home tab of the app, and click Enable Cascade App. If someone has already enabled Slack in your workspace, you'll not see this option here, and you'll start receiving notifications!

You've now successfully integrated Cascade and Slack and will start receiving notifications in the Messages tab of the app!

If you're trying to integrate Cascade from Slack, then login to your Slack account, and you can do either of these: 

  • Expand Apps from the left pane, and click + Add Apps, or from the "+" icon, click Browse apps, and search for CascadeSlack - add apps
  • Select Cascade, and the Cascade App opens!
  • Click the Home tab of the app, and click Enable Cascade App. (When you click Connect in Integrations page, and you see a Open in Slack button instead, just click on it, and it'll take you to this step directly!)Slack_Enable Cascade
  • This'll now take you through the authentication process, click Allow to grant permissions.
  • You'll now see a successful linking message - click Go back to Slack.

You've now successfully integrated Cascade and Slack and will start receiving notifications in the Messages tab of the app!

How to integrate Cascade app from a Slack channel:

If you wish to integrate Cascade from a Slack channel directly so that you can receive notifications for team updates from your workspace in that channel, then you can achieve it this way:

  • Expand the Cascade App, or hover the mouse over Cascade App, or @Cascade App - a dialog box opens. Click Add this app to a channel, and select the channel from the list.Slack_Add Cascade
  • Click Add. Now, click Enable Cascade App to proceed with the integration.
  • Or, browse to the channel to which you need Slack integration, and navigate to the Integrations tab.Slack_Create channel
    • Click Add an App, and search for Cascade - click Add against the app.
    • Click Enable Cascade App to proceed with the integration.
  • If someone tags @Cascade App in a direct message or channel, you can click on it, and click Invite them, to add it to the required channel. On selecting the workspace, you'll start to receive team updates posted in that workspace in this channel.
  • Also, if the Cascade-Slack integration is not done, and someone pastes a link of the sidebar or goal hub in a channel or direct message, it'll prompt you to link the accounts. Follow the same steps to integrate!Slack_Add Link

Once you enable the Cascade App to make a connection, it'll authenticate, and on successful authentication, you need to click Allow to grant permissions to the workspace. You'll see a success message saying that the accounts are linked, and now click Go back to Slack to start getting notified!

Set-up Personal Notifications

You can decide what to be notified on by enabling them in the App's Home > Personal Notifications. Click Set up, and select the check-boxes to specify the notifications. You can also choose the workspaces from which you'll need notifications from!

If you do not select any options here, then you'll not receive any notifications!

How to collaborate with the Cascade-Slack integration?

This integration is all about the progress of the objective contributed by its success criteria. So, whenever there is a change in the objective's progress, the notification is triggered!

At this point in time, we've enabled the integration to receive notifications when someone

  • Updates the progress manually
  • Attaches comment on the progress made
  • Mentions you in a comment using "@"
  • Leaves a comment on the objective or its success criteria
  • Syncs the progress of a measure via integration (Excel, Sheets, etc.)
  • Posts team updates (this'll be notified as a DM if the bot is added to the channel)


Click the link in the message to access the relevant goal-hub! 

If someone shares a link to goal-hub of a workspace that you're not part of, then you'll not be able to access the Cascade platform from this link!

If you copy-paste the link of a goal-hub or Sidebar, then you'll see an overview of the objective, its owner, progress, health, due date, and the plan it contributes to! This provides a context to the action happening in workspace!



How to mute the messages from this app?

Go to Apps area in Slack's left pane, and right-click on the Cascade App. Click Mute conversation, and this'll mute the messages from this app!

I deleted the channel that had Slack integrated with Cascade. Will I now lose the integration?

You'll still receive notifications in the Messages tab of the Cascade App. You can find Cascade App under the Apps area in the Slack's left pane, or browse and search for Cascade app!

I'm unable to access the link that was shared with me!

Please check if you're part of that workspace from which the link was shared. You'll not be able to access a workspace to which you're not part of, and that's why the link to goal-hub must not have worked!

Can I pause notifications?

You can mute the notifications instead!

How to receive notification from a different workspace?

In the Home tab of the Cascade App, click Set up under Personal Notifications. Select the workspaces that you wish to under From the workspace, and click Submit. You'll now start receiving notifications from the selected workspaces as well!

How to remove the integration?

In the About tab of the Cascade App, click Configuration. In the Slack app directory, navigate to the end of the page, and click Remove App. This will remove the Cascade app from the Slack!

By doing this, you'll remove the integration of Cascade and Slack from the entire workspace!

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