Integrate Jira with Cascade
  • 12 Jul 2023
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Integrate Jira with Cascade

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Jira-Cascade integrations are supported only for "Premium" and "Enterprise" tiers!

If your team is using Jira for project management, then this integration will help you to sync your action's progress with the progress of your Jira tasks. For someone in your team who does not want to login to Jira and look at the progress, Cascade will serve as the one source of truth and bring the values to them!

You can bring in only the "Progress percentage" with this integration and must have Issues or Epic that has child issues. This is applicable for:

  • Epics with their stories
  • Stories with their tasks or bugs
  • Tasks and sub-tasks, and so on.

This high-level grouped entity (Epic, Story or Task) must then be connected to an action in Cascade to sync the progress. Every time the value in the epic changes, your action's progress will change too. You need not hop between Jira and Cascade for this!

If you connect an Issue (Epic or Story or Task) with no sub or child issues, then the progress synced to Cascade will go from 0% to 100% when the status is moved to "Done" in Jira. Note that Jira counts progress without weighting, so for example, if there're 10 child issues under an Epic, each one would account for 10% of the progress, and the progress of each of these child issues are rolled up to the Epic, which is then synced to an action in Cascade!

Before you establish the connection, it is important that these pre-requisites are met:

  • An "Action" in Cascade with the tracking type set as "Jira", and want to link to the Epic issue in Jira.
  • Jira account with the relevant Epic task and child or sub-tasks.

Once you ensure that these are met, you can start integrating with Jira. This can be done in two ways:

  • From Integrations > Metrics & measures.
  • Click Add Tracking against the 'Action' from the Plan Details area of the Planner page.

How to integrate Jira with Cascade?

Click Metrics and KPIs tab from your Integrations page. Click Connect to start integrating. In the Connection Name field, enter the name and choose whether it will be a private or shared connection.

Salesforce_New Connection

A private connection can be used only by the person who created it, while a shared connection can be seen and used by everyone in your account for automating the action's progress.

Click Connect. On successful authentication, the connection is added.

You've successfully integrated Jira. Now, its time to link Jira progress to the action's progress.

How to track progress with Jira-Cascade integration?

When you click Add Tracking, the Edit Action window opens. Under the Tracking section, select Jira from the drop-down list.


Once you select Jira, you will see a list of related fields beneath it.

  • Select Connection: Click Add new connection to add a new connection, or select an existing connection from the drop-down list.Salesforce_Integration_Tracking
  • Paste Issue Link: If you wish to just paste the URL link from Jira, copy it from the Epic issue's Share icon in Jira and paste it in the Issue URL box.
  • Search Issue: Choose this option if you want to search for the issue rather than copy-pasting the link! Select the workspace, project, and the issue that you want to link from Jira.

Click Save. You have now successfully enabled the tracking! Once hooked up, it'll automatically update the progress value from Jira in Cascade!


The sync happens every one hour, and you can click Sync Now to poll the data immediately.


I'm getting a "Connection does not work" error message.

In this case, the best option is to delete your connection and reconnect. Go to Integrations and use the trash icon to delete the connection. Follow the preceding instructions to set up a new connection. See How to delete a connection for details.

Why does it say "Unable to connect?"

Make sure that the Jira workspace has real data. Cascade can't sync with an empty workspace or account.

What happens if I change the Jira password used in a public or private connection or how can I change/adapt the Cascade - Jira connection in case of a password update?

Navigate to Integrations > Metrics & KPIs > Jira, and click Manage. It'll list all the connections with Jira in your workspace. From the three dots against your connection, click Refresh connection, and follow Jira's instructions to reconnect your Jira account with Cascade.

Does Cascade data affect Jira data?

No, the integration is one-way. Nothing you do in Cascade will change values in Jira.

How does Jira measure progress?

Refer to this article from the Jira team!

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