"Initiatives table" for reporting on Individuals' performance
  • 04 Sep 2023
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"Initiatives table" for reporting on Individuals' performance

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A report on an individual's objectives or goals along with the projects, actions and measures owned by them gives an overview of their performance and helps in reviewing the status of their contribution towards the company's vision. This precise information will let the individual to have a clear understanding of how their work is contributing towards the common vision and focus their efforts and priorities accordingly.

You can build a custom charts (line, bar, pie charts) with Owner as data source or use this Initiatives table to look at their performance and the initiatives they're part of! This will be helpful for understanding an individual's workload, their performance reviews and 1:1 engagement discussions!

From the (Table) icon, click the Initiatives table, select the Owner or Owners from the dropdown list, date range, give the table a title, and click Save. You'll see the table that'll list all the goals owned by the selected users in the chosen date range!

If you've selected more than one owner, then the data in the table will be grouped by the owners!

Table columns in "Initiatives" table:

You can choose to decide what columns you wish to see in your reports so as to enable you to get quick and meaningful strategic insights!

Click (Table columns) icon to choose the columns that you wish to display.

While the Initiatives is mandatory (disabled for editing) for this report, the other columns can be chosen as per your requirement:

  • Due Date of the initiative.
  • Last update (Title only) shows just the title of the latest update made on the initiative either while scooting the progress bar manually and attaching quick and concise updates or detailed updates posted on the Updates tab in the sidebar. Click on it to view the entire content (snapshot) of the progress and the update posted on the initiative!
  • Last update (Full content) shows the entire update (title and contents) made on the initiative either while scooting the progress bar manually and attaching quick and concise updates or detailed updates posted on the Updates tab in the sidebar. The row height is adjusted automatically so that you can see the entire content (snapshot) of the progress and the update posted on the initiative!
  • Updated date, the date when the last progress was made on the initiatives.
  • Target to be met!
  • Progress made on the initiative.
  • Health of the initiative.
  • Risks added to the initiative.

Filters in "Initiatives" table:

You can apply filters to see the precise information, so that you can focus on the data you wish to see in the report. Click the (Filter) icon to choose the filters that you wish to apply.

At this point, you can filter the data only by the "Initiatives type" i.e., either by objectives, measures, projects or actions, or by a combination of these! We'll be introducing a couple more options very soon!

If you wish to remove the filter, use the trash icon beside the options, or click Clear All, and then click Apply to save your changes!

Filtering to this granular level will easily let you know how to scale and focus on your objectives!

Group by in "Initiatives" table:

Click the (Group by) icon to group the tables to see the related information.

At this point, you can group this table either by plan, focus area or by owner! We'll be adding more options to group by, in future!

How to reorder, resize and freeze the table columns in the Initiatives table?

You can reorder or move the columns around by a simple "drag and drop" action - hover the mouse over the table header columns, click on the column that you wish to reorder, and just drag and drop it in the place that you wish to, in the table! You can resize the column widths by just clicking on the relevant column and dragging the line to the suitable width.

You can freeze or lock the table columns in the report so that the column(s) you want to view stays in place when you scroll horizontally to see other columns. This is useful when the report has many columns that are not all visible on the screen at the same time. 

Hover the mouse over the table header column, click the (Lock) icon to freeze that column. You can freeze any number of columns the same way. This frozen column(s) will move to the left and the gray line indicates the frozen position. When you freeze a column or columns, that column(s) will always be displayed even while scrolling horizontally in the table. While all the columns to the left of this frozen column will be fixed, all those on its right will be scrollable!

When this report with frozen columns is exported, you'll see the gray line indicating the frozen column position. However, in the exported version, you'll not be able to scroll through the rest of the columns since the interactivity is not supported in the exported version!

To unfreeze or unlock the columns, hover the mouse over that column header, and click the  (locked) icon!


How do I get insights on performance of multiple users or owners?

There're a couple of ways you can achieve this:

  • Use "Compare Multiple Measures by Owners" widget to understand how the measures or KPIs are performing for different owners. For example, how each Sales executive or Customer Success representative is performing, etc.
  • Build custom charts with Owners as data source and choose the relevant owners and the intended progress of initiatives. For example, how are the projects performing for different owners, or are they in track of achieving their outcomes, etc.
  • Use Objective table and filter by the relevant owners or if they belong to a team, then use the Team table and apply relevant filters!

Can I export the report or share them externally?

Yes! See Export your Reports for details!

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