Import from Cascade's Template Library
  • 05 Jun 2023
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Import from Cascade's Template Library

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You can either create a plan from scratch or import from your original data source. But, if you do not have a plan in hand and but want to build one, then visit our template library to get some ideas. Our "Template library" has a wide range of templates based on different industries, departments, and strategy frameworks. You can get inspired from these templates to get started with your strategy right away!

  1. Go to, search and choose the template of your choice.
  2. Click Use template.
    • If you do not have an account with us, then clicking on Use template will let you sign-up, i.e., create an account and workspace in "New Experience" with that template imported!
    • If you already have an account, then clicking on Use template will directly import that template to your workspace!

On successful import, you'll see the relevant plan in the Planner page, and you can get started right away! The owner will default to the one who imported the template and the due dates will default to one month from the day of import!

Now that you've your plan and the goals associated with it, you can start inviting your team members to collaborate and make progress! See Invite or Add New Users to know how to invite users into your workspace!

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