How to Reorder within a Plan?
  • 23 Aug 2023
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How to Reorder within a Plan?

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To reflect the strategic priority in a plan or to align with the order of company values, you can now reorder the plan's components like the focus areas, objectives, and other initiatives. With this reordering functionality, you can now reorder

  • focus areas in a plan
  • objectives within a focus area
  • measures, projects, and actions within an objective
  • actions within a project

Only admins or someone with edit permissions on the plan can reorder the components within it! To reorder:

  1. In the relevant plan's Planner page, click Reorder plan.
  2. Click the (drag icon) against the focus area, objective, measure, project or action, and just move them to the new position of your choice!
  3. Once done, click Complete reordering to save or click Cancel to cancel the changes!
The reordered components will be listed in the new order in the Timeline view, Goal-hub, and the Success criteria tab in Objective's sidebar! Please note that reflecting this new order in the reports and dashboards will be available in future!

If you wish to move objectives between focus areas within the same plan or to a different plan or move other entities (measures, actions or projects) under an objective of the same or different plan, click the three dots against the entity title and click "Move". See Move an Objective and Move a Measure, Project or Action for details.

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