"Health of your Plan" widget
  • 10 Jan 2023
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"Health of your Plan" widget

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Use this widget when you want to understand how your plan is progressing in terms of focus areas, and health of objectives (ahead, at risk, etc.,).

For example, pull up the Sales plan to see how it is progressing, are the objectives on track, or your Company's overall plan to understand how the performance of various objectives are, and so on.

When you select a Plan, you'll see a bar chart displaying the different focus areas of your plan with its objectives count and their health. You can also add this widget in your reports from the Chart icon there! See Generate Reports for details!

Health of your Plan

Hover the mouse over the bars to see the name of the focus area, and the number of objectives on track, at risk, ahead, and so on. Click into the bar to open the context table - you'll see the details like owner, due date, progress, health, and the plan to which the objective belongs! You can sort the fields, the way you want! You can further expand or drilldown the objectives to view its associated success criteria! Click into any of these rows to open the relevant entity from the Sidebar!

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