Flexible Strategy Model
  • 10 Jan 2023
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Flexible Strategy Model

This feature will be available only for "Premium and Enterprise tiers", and will be accessible only by Admins!

The Strategy Model is the name given to the structure on which the plans are built within Cascade. The hierarchy of the Strategy Model cannot be modified!

However, we're providing you a flexible strategy model, where you can rename the components the way you want it! From the profile picture/initials, click Settings > Admin >  Strategy Model tab.


Also, we've different frameworks that you can use, depending on your requirement. Click on the framework that you wish to use, and click Use this framework. The terminologies would be applied across the workspace suiting the framework that you chose. You can give aliases to whichever components you wish to! Click Customize across the component that you wish to change, and rename it (singular or plural case). For example, you can rename Objectives as outcome(s), mission(s) etc., Measures as metric(s), KPI, etc., Actions as task(s), activity/activities, etc., and once you click Save, this will be reflected across your workspace! We've introduced an extra layer Projects (group of relevant nested actions) which can also be customized (initiative(s), schema, etc.,) across the different frameworks. 

See the article on Cascade's 'Strategy Model' for details on using our strategy framework!

"OKR" Framework

OKRs is a strategic framework that offers organization-wide strategic alignment and performance review in a simple and flexible way. When implemented well, it empowers people to develop innovative actions to hit their ambitious and relevant goals. OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results.

OKR is a great framework to use when your organization has the tools to communicate its strategy to its employees clearly, when your people have the experience and flexibility to create OKRs that are aligned with your strategic priorities. OKRs are very effective in the presence of strategic context and employee empowerment. It empowers employees, and enables them to achieve breakthrough results through innovative thinking and intense focus. It reinforces a bottom-up approach to strategy by fostering transparency and accountability through its reviewing process. Check out our blog "OKR Framework" for more detailed information!


"Balanced Scorecard" Framework

The Balanced Scorecard framework helps you assess your business performance by creating a set of internal metrics in 4 key areas: financial, customer, internal business process, and learning & growing.

The Balanced Scorecard is one of the most popular strategic frameworks out there. The reason is that it offers a holistic way to look at your business performance. Setting up metrics in all 4 areas reinforces accountability and helps you focus without neglecting crucial parts of your business. Not all 4 key areas in this framework weigh the same. This means that your effort won’t be distributed equally to each key area. In contrast, you’ll work your way from the Learning & Growth area to the Financial Gain - because our purpose is to increase profitability. You can choose either Measure or Target to define your metrics or KPI. Irrespective of whatever (Measures or Target) you choose, they'll be listed under Measures, since they're technically the same! Check out our blog "Balanced Scorecard Framework" for more detailed information!

Balanced Scorecard

"V2MOM" Framework

The V2MOM framework is a powerful alignment tool that enables the organization to cascade its goal-setting while providing a clear strategic context. The letters stand for Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles, and Measurements.

Although the V2MOM framework is a powerful alignment tool, it’s not enough on its own to develop your business’s strategy. It works well next to other, more holistic strategic models complementing them with an effective communication and alignment approach. It provides a strategic context to your people and the authority to advance the business’s strategic priorities with innovative initiatives. It’s one of the few frameworks that explicitly mentions potential obstacles that the team or individual need to overcome to achieve their goal. Check out our blog "V2MOM Framework" for more detailed information!


"Hoshin Kanri" Framework

Hoshin Kanri is a 7 step framework for developing a company-wide strategy that is easily distributed to help its execution. It connects the front-line projects of the employees with the leadership’s long-term vision of the business.

It is an iterative framework that focuses on the quick distribution of the strategy and feedback loops to improve the strategic plan. So, direction and guidelines flow top-down, and feedback on the feasibility of the objectives flows button-up. If your organization faces a serious disconnect between the vision at the top of the organization and the conditions at the front line, then this framework will help you to ground your strategy to reality. Ambitions and bold goals are great, but you need to establish a strong foundation to make them a reality. Hoshin Kanri helps you do exactly that. Check out our blog "Hoshin Kanri Framework" for more detailed information!

Hoshin Kanri

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