Export your Reports
  • 16 Aug 2023
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Export your Reports

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This feature is available for "Premium" and "Enterprise" tiers! Only Admins and those who have view/edit permissions on the report can export those reports and their snapshots!

While you can share the reports and snapshots with the persons in your workspace by assigning them with varied access permissions (See Report Permissions), you can also easily share the current state of your reports or snapshots in Cascade with external stakeholders who don’t have access to your workspaces by exporting them to a PDF document. Or, you can share the snapshots directly via a link in mail - see Share your Reports with Stakeholders!

Anyone who has view/edit access to a report can share the reports or snapshots by clicking Share icon at the top right corner of the reports!

For sharing with users within workspace, just enter their mail address, assign view/edit permissions, and click Share. The report will be shared with them!

For sharing with users outside your workspace, click Export

  • Choose the File Type from the dropdown list- PDF Standard or PDF Printable

PDF Standard:

  • The File Type will now default to the PDF-Standard option. However, we're working towards creating better solutions for communication and observability, and you'll find more options very soon!
  • Select the Expand all table rows check-box so that all the rows in your reports are expanded on export!
    • If you do not select this check-box, then your exported report will just have the collapsed view, i.e., you'll only see the objectives' rows, and the success criteria underneath it will not be available in the exported version.
  • Select the Show all table columns check-box so that all the columns in your reports are available on export!
    • If you do not select this check-box, then your exported report will have only those table columns that fit the table or widget limit, and the remaining columns will be cut out from the report!
Select both the check-boxes to see all the rows and tables of your reports in the exported PDF output!

PDF Printable:

  • If the file type is chosen as PDF Printable, then the Expand all table rows and Show all table columns are disabled since the print option does this by default along with page breaks optimized for A4 size!

Once you click Export, you'll see a message prompt saying that the document is preparing to download! This export option uses the browser's built in 'Print' function to generate PDF exports!

Click Print, and enter the name for the report in the File name field, and click Save. The report will be exported and saved to your local drive. You can then attach them and mail to the persons outside your workspace!

Please note that the exported output (PDF) will not support interactions inside the charts or report tables. We recommend that you invite the users as "viewers" into your workspace and share the link with them to get the best version of our reports - interactivity and such!

A few notes about PDF Report exports

  • Usually, the 'best' export experience will be using the latest version of the Google Chrome or Edge browsers. 
  • This export will automatically download the report in portrait mode.
  • Some headings and fonts might look a little different on your export vs on-screen. 
  • Since this export option uses the browser's built in 'Print' function to generate PDF exports, you can often tweak how the final output will look by changing the browser's print settings. This allows you some control over things like margins, page size, headers & footers as well as colors and page numbers. However, the "PDF Printable" option exports reports with page breaks optimized for A4 size!

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