Edit a User
  • 28 Sep 2022
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Edit a User

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You can edit a user to change their name, job title, role, or to disable/delete them. If a user leaves the organization, you may want to delete their user account to stop their access to Cascade.

Note: Only users with Admin/Manager roles can perform these actions for a user.

Click on your profile initials at the top-right corner from any of the pages, and click Users under Admin.

The users and their details are displayed at the bottom of the page. Click the three dots against their names.


  • Edit to change the name, job-title or role of the user. This might be required when,
    • They were recently promoted.
    • They got moved to another role in the organization.
    • Maybe they just need the title itself changed.

      You can also disable/delete a user from this page, and click Save upon confirmation.

  • Disable to disable a user if they are on an extended leave or non-functional. Please note that the disabled users cannot log into Cascade and are not billable, but they can still show up in reporting as needed. The Disable confirmation dialog opens, click Disable User to complete the action or Cancel to discard.
  • Delete to delete a user if they left the organization. Please note that the deleted users cannot log into Cascade, but the goals and plans associated with them would still be available. The Delete confirmation dialog opens, click Delete to complete the action or Cancel to discard.
Note: Once a user is disabled/deleted, the user seats and the billing will automatically get adjusted. These users will still appear in the workspace with '(disabled)' or '(deleted)' next to their names.


Can I re-enable a user who has been disabled?

Yes, click the three dots against their name, and click Enable.

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