Delete an Objective
  • 03 Feb 2023
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Delete an Objective

Let's see how to delete the different types of objectives. Remember that if you delete an objective, its associated success criteria will also be deleted! And, if there're tracking defined in the success criteria, then you need to first delete those before deleting the objectives!

Please note that you can only delete an objective and cannot archive or disable it for later use! So be cautious while deleting an objective!

Click the three dots to delete the objective. Now, if you delete 

  • an objective that has contributing objectives, then this action will automatically unlink the contributing objectives. 
  • a contributing objective, you need to first unlink the contributing objective from the associated objectives (click the three dots, and click Unlink), and then delete it!
  • a shared objective, then this will just remove it from that plan (click three dots, and click Remove), and it will remain in all the other plans its part of.
  • a parent objective that's shared across, then you'll either need to choose to delete it across all plans, or assign it to a new plan its part of, and delete it from here!

To be precise,

  • Shared or linked objectives are those that are shared across plans and contribute to the plan's success. Here, the relationship is between objectives of different plans.
  • Contributing objectives are those that are linked to a parent objective and contribute to the parent objective's success. Here, the relationship is between these two objectives.

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