Dashboard Settings
  • 05 Dec 2022
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Dashboard Settings

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The Dashboards page lists all the dashboards generated in your workspace. You can search for a required dashboard, sort the fields to display relevant dashboards, mark some dashboards as favorite, and so on.

By default, all the dashboards in the workspace is available for viewing for everyone. You can restrict the permissions on a dashboard by manually defining them for each user from the Share modal. This can be done either by an user with an Admin role or by the person who created the dashboard (owner). However, users with "Viewer" access will only be able to view the dashboards.

You can toggle to sort and view the dashboards by alphabetic order, or by owners. Click the three dots against the dashboard name, and click

  • Settings to open the Dashboard Settings window. You can change the title, view/add/change owner! Only the owners of the dashboard, users with Admin role, or those with edit permissions will have the ability to edit or delete the widgets and thereby the dashboard itself!
  • Duplicate to open the Duplicate Dashboard window. You need to enter the Dashboard title, and click Duplicate to complete the action. This will create a copy of the existing dashboard with its widgets. You can edit the dashboard name, and add or remove widgets. Only those with edit permissions for this dashboard can duplicate it!

How to delete a Dashboard?

Only the dashboard owners, users with Admin roles, or users with edit access to those dashboards can delete them. From Dashboards page, you can delete a dashboard in either of two ways:

  • Click the three dots against the dashboard you wish to delete, and click Delete.
  • Click and open the dashboard. In that dashboard page, click the three dots against the name on the top-left corner, and click Delete.

On confirmation, the dashboard and the widgets inside it will be deleted!

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