Custom Fields: Numerical Values
  • 18 May 2023
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Custom Fields: Numerical Values

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This feature is available only for "Enterprise" tiers, and is accessible only by the "Admins"!

You can configure numerical custom fields to capture data like Budget spent, Budget allocated, Hours worked, Number of resources etc. This'll allow you to capture, track, and manipulate specific quantitative data points of interest to your strategy and organization.

  1. Give the Group a name. This'll house the fields configured under it. This group name will be displayed in the relevant sidebar, and on expanding it, you'll see the fields added to it! For example, you can consolidate the budget related fields under the group "Budget", and have the field labels as Allocated, Forecast, and Spent.
  2. Click Add Field to proceed.
  3. Choose Numerical from the Field type dropdown list. 
  4. Choose New numerical field from the Label dropdown list, and give it a name. As and when you fill in the details, you can see a preview of it!
    • Minimum value - lowest possible value for the field
    • Maximum value - highest possible value for the field
    • Default value - Prefill the field with a specified value
    • Unit - In case of numerical data, specify the unit of measurement. If you do not find the unit of your choice, enter the text, and it'll prompt you to add it as a new option. Click on that and get that added to the list!
    • Decimal places - Choose the number of decimal digits that you want the field to display - defines the level of precision for displaying the populated fields!
    • Required - Select this check-box to make this field mandatory, otherwise it'll be optional!

Each field is auto-saved once populated! Click Add Field to add additional custom fields within the same group, or Add Group to create a new group of custom fields. While you can drag and drop the fields to reorder them within the group or move between groups, you can also drag and drop the groups in any order so that they appear the way you want them in the Sidebar!

If you wish to add an existing custom field, then select that field from the Label dropdown list. And, if you edit a value in the custom field, click Edit values. See Edit existing custom field for details.

Once applied to a plan, you can then populate data for the relevant custom fields from the Edit sidebar view.

Please note that you'll see a progress bar only when you've your labels exactly as Allocated, Forecast, and Spent!

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