Custom Charts Widget: Bar Charts
  • 14 Jun 2023
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Custom Charts Widget: Bar Charts

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Bar chart provides a very flexible way to view various data combination at a portfolio level.

Select the data source that you wish to get insights on, and apply filters as required! Please note that when you choose specific measures, select only measures of same units! At this point, you can filter teams and focus areas only by plans! While you can choose different combinations of data in the Data Arrangement section, here're a few use cases to give you more clarity!

If you want to understand the strategy progress for each project manager, you can select Plan Owners as X-axis and Average progress of Objectives as Y-axis. It'll provide a holistic view to see the progress of all the objectives owned by each project manager. It represents the performance of each individual and the team too if you had selected Team as X-axis.

If you want to analyze the distribution of the health of the Strategic initiatives, you can select Health of Objectives as X-axis, and Count of Objectives as Y-axis. This chart will give you a really clear view on how many objectives are "At Risk" and how many are "On Track" which can help you make a better decision on resource allocation.

Now, if you want to compare the progress of your strategy compared to last year same period of time, you can select Time as X-axis and Average progress of Objective as Y-axis, then use the Compare to toggle to select the YOY changes. By this, you can make a fair comparison of the progress of the objectives selected excluding the seasonal impact. We also support MOM and WOW comparison with other granularities.

If you want to look at what is the net quantity change in a specific month for a KPI, you can use the Non-cumulative feature to achieve this. You can select Time as X-axis and Average value of measure (Y-axis) which represent the numerical value of the Measure or KPI, and toggle to Non-cumulative value. The chart will display the net increase in every single month, and you can also select Cumulative to see the aggregated value for each months.

Click Breakdown by and select from the list, if you need to further tune the visualization! You can also select either Stacked or Grouped to choose the way you want the bars to display the data!

Hover the mouse over the bars to see the details, and click inside the chart to open the chart context table - you'll see the details like owner, due date, progress, health of the objective/measure/action, and the relevant plan! You can sort the fields, the way you want! If the objectives are chosen, you can further expand or drilldown to view its associated success criteria! Click into any of these rows to open the relevant entity from the Sidebar!

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