Custom Charts: Project Analytics
  • 10 Feb 2023
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Custom Charts: Project Analytics

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This feature will be available only for "Premium" and "Enterprise" tiers.

Projects in Cascade provide the teams with a consolidated and integrated solution to track project performance, risk assessment, and demonstrate the strategic impact and outcomes achieved. Though it does not offer project management capabilities in detail, you can still get a quick view of the project's performance from the goal hub, and track performance

  • by breaking them down to executionable actions, and
  • integrating with other project management tools like JIRA, ClickUp, etc.,

While we still are building up an exclusive "project widget", you can get project analytics from custom charts. The project combinations in our Chart Builder enables you to keep track of the progress and size of the project.

Build a custom line chart if you wish to track the average progress of a project by "time", and then compare it to a time in the past to understand its historical trend. The chart will give you a good understanding of how the project has been progressing over time (MoM, QoQ, or WoW)!

From the same chart type, you can also break it down by health, owners, and so on.

To understand the complexity or size of the project so as to allocate resources, and plan effort, you can just build a simple pie chart. By pulling up the count of actions grouped by project, you can understand how many action items are required, and how to manage them effectively!

You can also use these charts for portfolio management and understand the status of all your projects. Pull up a bar chart with the projects' count versus their health, and break it down by team or project owner, so you can see how many projects are at risk, and which owners or teams own them, so you can talk to the owners or teams about the at-risk projects.

Once saved, hover the mouse over the charts to see further details. 

These are some examples of how you can visualize different project data. Though delving into deeper project management visualizations are not supported as of now, these charts can help you with managing your project well, tracking its performance, and help with resource allocations and task prioritizations!

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