"Current State of Measure" widget
  • 05 Jun 2023
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"Current State of Measure" widget

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Use this widget if you want to see how a measure is performing today when compared to a previous date - is it progressing or behind! Irrespective of its tracking method, i.e., even if the measure has "maintain" targets specified, their values can be pulled into this widget. This will let you make conscious decision! You can also add this widget in your reports from the Chart icon there! See Generate Reports for details!

For example, how much is the revenue generated now vs last quarter, what's the NPS score today vs last month, and so on.

When you select a measure and a date to which its progress needs to be compared with, you'll see the value or number (the actual progress) showing up!

Current State of Measure

You'll see the actual value of measure at that day in big fonts, the change or delta when compared to the days you selected, and the percentage (increase or decrease) in the next line! This will show the trend of how the measure is progressing!

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