"Compare Multiple Measures by Owners" widget
  • 16 Jun 2023
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"Compare Multiple Measures by Owners" widget

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Use this widget if you need to track performance management of different team members based on the KPIs that they've set, i.e., to see how measure or KPI (of same unit) of each owner is performing. This will give you an idea of how different users are performing based on the metrics that you choose.

For example, you can see how different sales representatives are performing with their numbers, or performance of members within a team, etc.

When you select owners, while all the relevant measures are displayed, you'll be allowed to select only those measures of the same units that is common among them. Each bar chart displays the actual progress of these measures for the different owners!

Compare Multiple Measures by Owners

While the bar shows the actual progress made by the owner, the vertical line represents the target defined for that measure. Hover the mouse over the bars to see the actual vs target values against the owner names! If there is no progress made by an owner, then you'll just see only the vertical line representing the target with no bars of progress!

Click into the bar to open the context table - you'll see the details like owner, due date, progress, health, and the plan to which it belongs! You can sort the fields, the way you want! Click into any of these rows to open the relevant entity from the Sidebar!

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