"Compare Measures with Different Units" widget
  • 29 Nov 2022
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"Compare Measures with Different Units" widget

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Use this widget when you want to understand how measures of different units are performing or progressing over time. 

For example, compare conversion rate and the number of users converted, the CSAT and its reflection on NPS to an extent, compare digital marketing revenue to traffic in app %, and so on.

When you select measures of different units, you'll see them displayed as two line charts across two y-axis models. Depending on the time range, only those measures that fall within this span will be displayed.Compare Measures with Different Units

While the solid line represents the actual progress made by the users, the dotted line represents the expected progress of the measure at a particular time. Hover the mouse over the line charts to see the progress made on that measure at that particular date!

Click into the chart to open the context table - you'll see the details like owner, due date, progress, health, and the plan to which it belongs! You can sort the fields, the way you want! Click into any of these rows to open the relevant entity from the Sidebar!

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