"Compare Measures by Time Range - Line over Bar" widget
  • 06 Jan 2023
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"Compare Measures by Time Range - Line over Bar" widget

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Use this widget when you want to understand the quantitative change of one measure with the trending of another measure, both measures can be in different unit. You can also add this widget in your reports from the Chart icon there! See Generate Reports for details!

For example, if you want to understand the number of visitors and the correlation with the conversion rate or to understand the trending of the net profit margin with the operating cash flows, or fund allocations vs the number of research papers, or resource allocation vs supply output, and so on.

When you select measures of different units, you'll see them displayed as line and bar charts across two y-axis models. You can select either cumulative or non-cumulative option for the measure to be displayed as a bar! Depending on the time range, only those measures that fall within this span will be displayed.

Compare Measures with Different Units

Both the bar and line will show the actual value of the measures, but they are just presented in different format. Hover the mouse over the charts to see the progress made on the measures at that particular date!

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