Bulk Operations: Goals and Plans
  • 20 Nov 2023
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Bulk Operations: Goals and Plans

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Only Admins can perform these bulk tooling operations!

If you wish to transfer ownership of your objectives, measures, actions or projects to others in your workspace in bulk, or to import your goals or plans in bulk from your source to Cascade, then bulk tooling will make your effort easier and much quicker!

Navigate to Profile picture/initials > Settings > Admin > Bulk tools. Click Let's go in

You can reassign goals in bulk when you simply wish to change ownership to some other user in your workspace or when a user is deleted or disabled! In the Bulk assignment page,

  • Choose the relevant tab from which you wish to reassign the goals - Objectives, Measures, Actions, Projects!
    At a time, you can transfer ownership from only one tab, i.e., only objectives, or only measures from the relevant tabs!
  • Assign "goals" from - Choose the user whom you wish to change the ownership FROM! This'll list all the goals that the user owns and collaborates! Select the check-boxes against those goals that you wish to transfer ownership of!
    You cannot select multiple users at once! Also, if you wish to select all the goals, you need to do that manually by selecting the check box against every goal row!
  • To - Select the user to whom you wish to change ownership TO! You can transfer the ownership to only one user at a time!
  • Remove collaboration if any- if this option is toggled on, then the chosen user would also be removed as a collaborator in the goals. Note that, when this option is toggled on, then the new user would automatically be assigned the owner of those goals in which the chosen user was collaborating on!If its not chosen, then they would remain as collaborators even though their ownership is transferred!
    But if you're transferring ownership from a "deleted" user, irrespective of toggling this switch, they would be removed as collaborators from the goals they collaborate!

Click Transfer ownership, and click Confirm in the confirmation dialog box to complete the ownership change! This change will be notified to the new owners!

You'll see notifications like "An objective is assigned to you", or "A measure is assigned to you", depending on the entity that was assigned to you. If the entity is in a plan to which you do not have access, then you'll also receive a notification "A plan is shared with you"!
Clicking on the "View objective" or "View measure" will take you to the goal hub page of the relevant entity, while clicking on the "View plan" will take you the relevant Planner page!

For "Essentials and Enterprise+" tiers, you'll not be able to reassign ownership to "Viewers"!


When I transferred ownership from a deleted user to a new user, I noticed that the new user now owned the goals that the deleted user collaborated on, changing its original owner!

Yes, that's the expected behavior! When the Remove collaboration if any is toggled on, it would automatically transfer ownership of the goals that the deleted user owned and collaborated to the new user! So you need to be careful while transferring ownership in bulk!

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