Apply "Filters" to the data in Reports
  • 21 Nov 2022
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Apply "Filters" to the data in Reports

Though you can get strategic insights from the basic report or with specific table columns, you can further drill-down to give you more flexibility and granularity into the level of data you wish to see in your report!

You can apply filters to see the precise information, so that you can focus on the data you wish to see in the report. Click Edit Table Settings, and click Filter.


You can filter by:

  • Owner or owners, 
  • Progress: Choose to filter progress by less than, greater than, equal to, or not equal to a certain percentage of the expected progress.
  • Health: Choose among At risk, On Track, Behind, Achieved, Exceeded, Not Started, and Not Tracked.

Click trash icon to delete the selection, Clear All to clear the selection, and Apply to apply the selection. While applying filters, you've to be conscious about the data that you're filtering by. At times, your options might not fetch the desired results because of non-availability of data in your selection! For example, you cannot choose Progress is equal to 50, and then go ahead to choose Health is Exceeded!

If you wish to remove the filter, use the trash icon beside the options, or click Clear All, and then click Apply to save your changes!

Filtering to this granular level will easily let you know how to scale and focus on your objectives!

Filters in "Teams" table:

You can filter the data in this table only by the owner or owners - just type in their mail addresses, and apply the filter to look at the report at an individual level!

Filters in "Initiatives" table:

At this point, you can filter the data only by the "Initiatives type" i.e., either by objectives, measures, or actions, or by a combination of these! We'll be introducing a couple more options very soon!

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