Add Goal Types: Advance Strategy Model Customization
  • 14 Sep 2023
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Add Goal Types: Advance Strategy Model Customization

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This is available only for "Enterprise" tier, and is accessible only by Admins!

The strategy model that you enable decides the structure and the components on which your strategic plan is built! We provided you with the option to enable other famous strategy models like Balanced Scorecard, OKR Framework, etc., and also let you to customize the name that you wanted your component to have! Further, to give you even more granular control, we've introduced goal types - these're properties that define a goal, and can be used to identify different categories of work!

Adding types to the various entities help

  • build a plan with clear distinction between the various "types" of work, i.e., distinguish between strategic and operational objectives, or categorize projects by type "sustainability", "transformation", "process improvement", and so on.
  • communicate and/or drill down to the specific "types" of work that matter to key stakeholders, i.e., report on health and progress of the "sustainable" initiatives, view how the "financial KPIs" are performing over time, and so on.

A few more examples of goal types are - strategic, operational, qualitative, performance, process, financial KPI, sales KPI, return on investment, and so on. These can be defined for any component of the strategy model - plan, focus area, objective, measure, project, and action!

How to define "goal types"?

From the profile picture/initials, click Settings > Admin > Strategy model tab. Click Customize against the entity to which you want to add the type to!

Under Types, enter the name of the type into the text box, choose a color, and click Add.

You can add any number of types that you wish to define for an entity. Click Add, and the types added to an entity is displayed under it!

How to add "types" to the focus areas and goals?

Once the types are defined in the strategy model, when you add an entity that has the type defined, you'll see Type field alongside the Title.

This field is mandatory and you need to either choose the type from the available options or select "No type"!

The added goal type will be listed in the Planner, Goal hub, Focus area (Objectives tab) pages and as well as in the Sidebar views!

If you wish not to have a type added to an entity, you can choose No type from the list!

How to add types to the plans?

Once types are added to the plans in the strategy model, choose the relevant plans, and from the Planner page:

  1. Click the three dots against the plan name.
  2. Select Plan Settings.
  3. In the Type field, choose the relevant type from the list. If you do not wish to add any type, then select No type from the list.
  4. Click Save.

New plan: If you've the types added in the Strategy Model, then you can also set a type to the plan when you create it!

The added type will be listed under the plan name in the Planner page! Also, they'll be seen beneath the plan in the All Plans page, Recently viewed cards and in the Plans tab of the Focus area page!

How to edit or delete a "goal type"?

From the Strategy model tab, click Customize against the relevant entity. Hover the mouse over the type to see the edit ( icon) and delete (trash icon) options!

While you can simply click the pencil icon to edit the name, and have the change reflected, you need to be careful while deleting a type!

If the type is set for a couple of entities in a workspace, then deleting them will remove that option, and revert those to "No type".


How do I view the "type" information in reports? Is it possible to sort, group or filter goals in a plan by type?

When you create an Objectives table in reports, you can choose Type from the Table columns if you just wish to see the type across each entity. You can also group by the type information to display objectives based on their types - select Type in Group by, or apply filters to display data based on certain Types!

What happens when we switch to a different framework?

The existing types that're defined will be applied to the new framework to which you switch. These types can be modified later!

Can we assign specific custom fields to each type?

Not at this point in time. Use custom fields to capture data that will add more context to your goals, and this can be restricted to a plan! However, types are properties that define the category of work which is mandatory for every goal, and cannot be restricted to a plan.

I already have goals in my workspace. How'll those get affected by this functionality?

Every goal which was already added will be set to "No type". However, when you add any new goal, it is mandatory to add a type!

I do not want some of my goals to be specified with a type, although I do not want to remove it altogether from the workspace!

You can set those goals as No type, if you do not wish to specify!

What'll happen if my subscription is downgraded from Enterprise?

On downgrading, the existing types defined and added will be available but hidden! However, the types will be retained as such and reverted back if you again upgrade to enterprise!

Can I add different types to plans, focus areas, objectives, etc.,?

Yes! Once you define the different types that you wish to have for your plans, focus areas, and so on, you can then choose the relevant one from the list when creating or editing a plan, focus area, etc.!

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