Add Contributing Objectives to your Objectives
  • 19 Jul 2023
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Add Contributing Objectives to your Objectives

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An Objective that can be linked to an other objective so as to impact the success of a plan is a Contributing Objective. For example, if your main objective is "Achieve 2m revenue this Q2", then the contributing objective can be "Target 50k revenue from partners" since this will contribute to the health of the main objective!

How to add contributing objective?

You can add a contributing objective from

  • Planner page: click the + icon under the parent objective, and click Existing objective.
  • If there is no success criteria defined, click Existing objective under + Add success criteria from the inline Objective row or from its Sidebar.
  • Objective's sidebar: click the three dots against the objective title, and click Existing objective.
  • Relationships tab of the Objective's sidebar: click + Add relationship, and select Contributor relationship with the relevant objective.

Search for the objective by typing the text into the box, select that objective that you wish to contribute to the parent objective, and click Save.

Once contributing objectives are added, their progress will impact the progress and health of the parent objective!

Remember that when you add a "contributing objective" (as a success criteria) or add an objective as "contributor" from the "Relationships" tab, either way, these objectives will be added and displayed in both the Planner page and in the "Relationships" tab of the sidebar.

Visual representation of the added contributing objective:

In the Planner, you'll see a link icon next to the objective icon to depict that its a contributing objective. When you hover the mouse over the icon, it'll give you the context of which plan this objective contributes to!

In the Sidebar, this objective will also be added as a "contributor" and displayed in the Relationships tab of both the objectives.

In the Alignment page, you'll see the contributing objectives displayed as child nodes to the parent objective.

In the Drilldown view, you'll see the contributing objectives or objectives of contributor relationship displayed as child nodes on the right side of the parent objective!

See Add Objectives to the Focus Areas to know more on managing objectives.

How does progress and health transfer to parent objective?

When you add a contributing objective, there's the usual flow of progress and health to the parent objective, i.e., average of all the success criteria - actions, measures, projects, and contributing objectives.

You can customize the progress calculation with the custom weighting option in the Success criteria tab of the parent objective's sidebar! Include or exclude a contributing objective or in case of Enterprise tiers, assign a scale of 1 to 5 to determine how the progress of the contributing objective impacts the progress calculation and thereby the health of the parent objective.

See Add Weights to define the Progress of your Objectives for more information!

How to delete a contributing objective:

You can unlink this contributing objective from the parent objective at any point of time. To do so,

  • From the Planner page, click the three dots against the contributing objective, and click Remove.
  • From the Objective Sidebar, in the Relationships tab, click the three dots against the relevant objective, and click Delete.


How do contributions work with privacy?

  • If you wish to add a contributing objective that resides in a plan that's set to private, i.e., no access, then you'll not see it in the objective list.
  • If you've added a contributing objective from a plan that's set to private later, then it'll no longer be available in the Planner or Sidebar. However, it'll be listed as Private objective in the Alignment page view.

How does this new flow affect the already existing contributing objectives in my workspace?

We'll do the data migration at the backend and all your existing contributing objectives will be moved to the new ones. You'll see those contributing objectives in the Relationships tab and the Planner page now!

Note that these objectives will no longer be available under the "Contributes to" section of the Objective's sidebar!

Who can add these contributing or contributor objectives?

Admins and anyone with edit permissions can add these contributions for objectives!

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