Add Contributing Objectives to your Objectives
  • 28 Sep 2022
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Add Contributing Objectives to your Objectives

An Objective that can be linked to an other objective so as to impact the success of a plan is a Contributing Objective. For example, if your main objective is "Achieve 2m revenue this Q2", then the contributing objective can be "Target 50k revenue from partners" since this will contribute to the health of the main objective!

But this is one-way! Meaning, an objective which has a contributing objective as success criteria cannot be a contributing objective to an other objective.

You can add a contributing objective from

  • Planner page, click the three dots against the parent objective, and click Add Contributing Objective.
  • Planner page, if there are success criteria defined already, then expand the objectives, and click + Add Contributing Objective available inline.
  • Objective Sidebar, if there is no success criteria defined, click + Add Contributing Objective under Add success criteria to start tracking your objective banner.
Remember that when you search for existing objectives, only those with both the "start and end dates" within the parent's objective date range would appear!

See Add Objectives to the Focus Areas to know more on managing objectives.

You can unlink this contributing objective from the parent objective at any point of time. To do so,

  • From the Planner page, click the three dots against the contributing objective, and click Delete.
  • From the Objective Sidebar, under the Strategic Contribution or Contributes to area, click the objective. Now, click the X icon to remove the objective from the list, and click Save.

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